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FAQ's & ERP Demo

1. How to create resource data and authorized configurations for Fastup Modules?

2. How to record admission enquiry and follow-up remarks?

3. How to get enquiry-admission analytics on user define conditions?

4. How to generate individual/class-wise fee structure in Fastup Erp?

5. How to get Analytic table reports on scholar data in FastUp Erp?

6. How to update any detail of scholar in bulk mode?

A. How to collect fee in cash/bank/bank-deposit mode ?
B. How to collect other fee/ charges from scholar/staff in Fastup Erp?
C. How to get daily collections and summary of collections in Fastup Erp?

8. How to generate the due reminders on hard copy or thru SMS on Parents Mobile?

9. How to get tally style fee head ledgers?

10. How to upload fee statement on your bank domain to bank counter collection?